Sample Kits

Travel Sample Kit

The Arris Travel Sample Kit (shown) is designed to be easily transported in our sleek and stylish canvas messenger bag. The kit consists of two display boards with three Arris samples and one Courier Message Strip sample. Board One contains a 9"x8" Mini-Directory Wall Sign Frame with one 2"x8" header and four 1.5"x8" inserts. Board Two contains one 2.5"x8.5" Personnel Sign Frame, one 6"x6" Wall Sign Frame, and one 4" Courier Message Strip.

Starter Kit

Arris Starter Kit (not shown) includes one 4"x4" frame sample, one suction cup tool, one Courier sample, and ten Arris Brochures.

Arris Brochures are also available in packs of 50.

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