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Simply Modular. Surprisingly Complete.

Arris sign frame assembly

The Arris System

The Arris frame system is comprised of two unique sign assemblies, each designed to provide maximum cost effectiveness and design flexibility for specific types of signs. With both assemblies combined into one comprehensive, uniform system, Arris provides ideal solutions for all interior signage needs, from personnel signs and room identification to directories, ceiling signs, and kiosks.

Arris Accents for Sign Frames


Shape up your next project with Accents, the easiest and most cost-effective way to incorporate decorative backers into your signage design. Offered in a range of shapes and sizes with virtually limitless possibilities, Accents provide a unique touch for your sign system to coordinate with a facility's interior or corporate brand.

Quick Ship Wholesale Sign Frames

Quick Ship

We know the faster we deliver our products to you, the faster you can satisfy your customers’ needs. Simply put, faster is better. That’s why we’ve developed the QUICK SHIP program, offering next day shipment on a wide range of stocked Arris frames.

Orders for in-stock frames placed by 5:00 pm Eastern are shipped the next day!

Why Choose Arris Signs? 

  • Slim Design, only 7/16” Thick
  • Made in the USA - 100%
  • It’s Simple.
    Comprehensive, but not complex
  • Need a Custom Size? No Problem! 
    Available in standard or custom sizes
  • Wholesale Trade Only - 100%. 
    Under no circumstances is Arris sold direct
  • Excellent Service & Fast Turnaround
  • Cost Effective
  • Library of Illustrator Templates Online
    Create Arris system drawings for your clients
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